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KreativeLuxe Builds a Space Fit for Queen's

Updated: May 29

After acquiring Queen's Fabric, new owner Elizabeth Carson Racker enlists KreativeLuxe's help to redesign a retail boutique space to mix fabrics and wardrobe design.

Not What I all!

So when noted fashion designer Elizabeth Carson Racker called me that day, I was at a point where I needed a break from my MacBook Pro screen! For a little over a year, Liz has been calling me to visit possible work-live spaces to expand her fashion design boutique. I thought this was another excursion to explore another possible space. Boy did I get a surprise!

Extreme Makeover: Queen's Edition

Arriving at the massive historic tobacco warehouse space, I immediately took out my Nikon. What a cool space! I was excited about the awesome photos I could get from this rustic space. When I walked inside I met the owner, Marisu, and was hit with Mission Impossible: How to fit all this fabric in a retail space that's already tight! You want me to do what??? ECR Designs and Queen's Fabric compressed into the same space? Well...okay!

After taking measurements and understanding the scope of the space, we immediately went to work. Fortunately, this project did not include any demolition, but organizing the space would be the key to success! With a combination of custom-built cases and wall-mounted fabric roll fixtures, KreativeLuxe was able to create a highly-organized space with a specific place for every item. Now the boutique clothing is showcased in its own section. The open floor space is now surrounded by fabric; floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall.

Anchoring the new fabric floorspace is a victorian chaise centered in the middle of the room for seating. A freshly painted yellow accent wall draws your attention all the way through the space as soon as you walk into the room. A newly-installed LED screen displays ECR's designs in a scrolling slideshow presentation. The kitchenette space was transitioned into a private dressing room with a wall-sized mirror.

Liz's design studio workspace received a fresh update to include reorganizing her sewing machines and drafting table. The wall space above the machines is now lined with spools of colored thread. Additional storage units were installed to provide organization for design patterns and remnants of fabric.

In three weeks the space was completely transformed with new cabinetry, lighting, display cases and fabric,...loads of fabric! The grand re-opening was filled with well wishers and shoppers looking form the most unique fabric they could find. We had a wonderful time designing and renovating for Liz, the new "Queen of Tampa"...I meant the new Queen's Fabric of Tampa! Take a look at the photo gallery below to get a snapshot of the project!

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