Transforming a Space that Changes Lives!

Space: VLOG Studio | Style: Simple Chic | Vendor: HomeGoods

When we got the call that Amandia Reese Craig was ready to start a new season of "Change Your Life with Beauty", we were looking forward to another season of provocative conversation and special guest appearances! When she requested that KreativeLuxe transform her space into a video production set, we leaped into action! Anchored on twin cheetah print bucket seats, the concrete block walls and grit floors quickly became a pallete for life-changing beauty expression!

The treatment for this space needed to be a non-destructive and easily transitional design. With neutral tones and simple greenery, the space made a drastic shift in no time. White sheers and neutral linen panels were used to frame the focal point of the production set. To give it some earth, a rustic sofa table made of weathered wood and iron was centered on the space. Small lamps were included to provide backlighting and green vegetation provides just enough pop of color to keep it engaging, but not distracting!

"To say I am impressed is an understatement. KreativeKoncepts (KreativeLuxe) has wowed me again with the design and concept of my studio space! My viewers have commented that it is comfy and chic and they are excited to see what I will do next!

Thank you, KreativeLuxe for exceeding my expectations!"

--Amandia Reese Craig

Check out the "Change Your Life with Beauty Show" LIVE on Facebook Thursdays at 10am! Follow the show every week to see how we transform the space to compliment her show themes and more!

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